Paleo Diet – The Finale

In this blog post, I will look back at my initial thoughts about the diet and make a final decision about the diet.

Original thoughts


My personal belief is that the diet is a radical answer to modern medical issues. While it may be true that in the Stone Age humans were more fit and suffered from less medical conditions such as diabetes, altering our diets to this extreme is not the answer. Surely we can survive off of meat and vegetables alone, but why would we shoot ourselves in the foot like that? It isn’t hard to eat healthy without resorting to following what our ancestors did. To me, this diet is not a progressive answer to our current health problems. The paleo diet has so many flaws and can be devastating if not done properly. With so many restrictions, it can be very easy to miss out on vitamins and minerals needed to fuel our daily lives. Sure processed foods have their own issues, but restricting almost all foods from a diet in 2016 is not going to be easy to follow or appropriate for many of our health goals. While the diet may be innovative, I do not believe it is the true answer to cancer and diabetes. Perhaps if the diet could be tweaked a little it could be a viable and healthy option; in its current state, it falls short and any drastic changes would destroy the roots of the diet.


Final decision


After several posts looking at details of the paleo diet, I would like to state that my view on the paleo diet is the same as my opinion in my first blog post. I still believe that the paleo diet is far too extreme of an answer for modern dieters. While the diet may be effective in terms of weight-loss, it is far from perfect. The diet may be innovative, but it is far from being progressive due to its backwards nature. Sure we can avoid modern health risks by reverting back to the diet our ancestors ate, but that can also be achieved by simply living a healthy lifestyle. The diet has far too many restrictions to be considered valid by many. The diet makes things harder than they need to be by limiting what we can eat just to be innovative. The concept makes sense, but in practice it does not make the cut as relevant. The creators of the diet do not properly demonstrate the burden of proof and as a result have a flawed end result. Sure this diet can help me lose weight and prevent diabetes, but so can many diets and lifestyle changes without the need to limit my food choice so drastically. Focusing on the few health benefits our Paleolithic ancestors had over us without looking at their health problems is misguided from the beginning. Our ancestors back then were lucky to live anywhere near as long as we do in the 21st century. As a result, does going backwards with such a drastic dietary change really seem like the answer? The diet is still fairly new and not studied very heavily, so we must tolerate that there may not be a definitive answer. The data that is displayed and claims being made leads to be state that the diet is NOT and effective dietary choice. This is due to the diet being: too difficult to maintain, cutting out complete nutrients, high cost, and aggressive change. I would not recommend this diet to anyone, as there are far more effective options available that do not limit the dieter to such backwards choices.


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