Will the Paleo Diet prevent cancer ?


Background information 

The paleo diet is a diet trend that began at some point the in 1970s. The diet requires the partaking person to consume food that only existed during paleolithic times (over 20,000 years ago). If the food could be hunted or gathered thousands of years ago, it is considered fair use for the paleo diet. While there is no official listing of what is and isn’t allowed, it is generally accepted that the following may be eaten: meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts. The diet also bans anything developed after the agricultural period; salt, sugar, grains, and dairy are all on the chopping block. As a result of the diet’s conditions, it is often known as the “Caveman diet”. The diet claims to be able to prevent diseases and medical conditions from occurring that did not exist in the stone age, such as cancer and diabetes. Follower of the diet believe that humans should only eat what was meant to be eaten by our ancestors.

Personal views

My personal belief is that the diet is a radical answer to modern medical issues. While it may be true that in the stone age humans were more fit and suffered from less medical conditions such as diabetes, altering our diets to this extreme is not the answer. Surely we can survive off of meat and vegetables alone, but why would we shoot ourselves in the foot like that? It isn’t hard to eat healthy without resorting to following what our ancestors did. To me, this diet is not a progressive answer to our current health problems. The paleo diet has so many flaws and can be devastating if not done properly. With so many restrictions, it can be very easy to miss out on vitamins and minerals needed to fuel our daily lives. Sure processed foods have their own issues, but restricting almost all foods from a diet in 2016 is not going to be easy to follow or appropriate for many of our health goals. While the diet may be innovative, I do not believe it is the true answer to cancer and diabetes. Perhaps if the diet could be tweaked a little it could be a viable and healthy option; in its current state, it falls short and any drastic changes would destroy the roots of the diet.


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